How to Place a Bet

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Steps to follow:

Step 1 : Log in or create your account

Step 2 : Select your bet type

Step 3 : Proceed with your bet

Step 4 : How to phone in your bet

1. Log in or create your account 

To start betting you must first login on the 4Racing website. 

Click here to Sign in



How to Bet - Step 1


2. Select your bet type

Select a race meeting & click “Bet now” on the race you wish to select.

Select Race



How to Bet - Step 2_


3. Proceed with your bet

Insert value of bet and check bet selected. Click “Take bet” if satisfied. Ticket will then be produced.

Start betting



Howt to bet - Step 3


4. How to phone in your bet

Call 0861 000 822 or 011 434 8400
To place or cancel your bet. Have your 4Racing account number and 3 letter code available.

Don’t have your code?
Call Customer Care 0861 444 822 0r 011 074 0500