How to Deposit

There are various ways to deposit – Instant payment methods are recommended as money deposited reflects immediately.

1: Log In

Log into your 4Racing account ()

  1. Visit and login to your account.

2: Select Deposit

3: Select 'Card' - This is an instant payment method (Money deposited, reflects immediately).

Select one of the following card options:

  • Virtual Card Services (VCS)


  • Pay U

    a) Select Virtual Card Services

    • Enter an amount, the 'Proceed' button becomes bold.

    • Select 'Proceed'.

    Complete card details.

    Select Continue

    • Enter One Time Pin that is received.
    • Select Continue

    b) Select Pay U

    • Enter the amount (Minimum R100)
    • Enter card details

    Enter One Time Pin

    Select Confirm OTP

    4. Instant EFT - This is an instant payment method (Money deposited reflects immediately).

    Select one of the following instant payment options: 

    • Pay U
    • SID or
    • Capitec Pay U
    • OZOW

    After selecting on of the 4 options above, the Deposit Button becomes bold.
    Select the Deposit and Follow the prompts.

    5. The3 Following vouchers can be purchased at selectes retail outlets:

    • 1 Voucher
    • OTT

    Select the relevant voucher option.

    Top up your account by inserting the voucher pin/number.

    6. Direct Deposits - These deposits are manually allocated.

    Customers MUST use their Account Number as their reference in order for the money to be allocated to the correct account.

    7. ATM's/Over the Counter.

    8. TAB Outlets.