What is an 'ALL TO COME' bet?

The ALL TO COME is here . . . play it today!

The All To Come is going to add a new dimension to betting with TAB!

It's your chance to win BIG for small money!

* Choose 1 horse in each of 2 to 6 races

* Choose Win or Place in each selected race

Here’s an example of an All To Come bet you could play at a race meeting at which you like three horses. You take a R10 All To Come as follows:

Race 2 – No 12 win
Race 5 – No 8 place
Race 8 – No 3 win

Let’s see what could happen if your 3 bets are all successful:

* No 12 wins Race 2 and pays R6 for a Win. Your All To Come accumulates R60 (10 x R6), which is then bet for a Place on No 8 in Race 5

* No 8 places in Race 5 and pays R3. Now you get a R180 Win (60 x R3) on No 3 in Race 8

* No 3 wins and pays R10 for Win – you collect R1,800 (180 x R10) for an outlay of only R10!

What you need to know:

  • 1. All races selected must be at the same race meeting.
  • 2. The minimum amount you can bet is R6.
  • 3. Choose a minimum of 2 races and a maximum of 6.
  • 4. Available on all SA and selected international meetings.
  • 5. To win all bets must be successful. 
There is an important exception. R15,000 is the maximum amount that can be accumulated to go forward to the next bet and any excess is set aside and will be paid out after the last race in the All To Come is completed.

For example, if the amount going forward is R20,000 only R15,000 will be wagered on your next bet and the balance (R5,000) can be collected after the last race in the All To Come has been run. This automatically ensures that once you have accumulated R15,000 in an All To Come you will collect the balance even if your remaining bet/s lose!